Sunday, 11 June 2017

How to Survive a Public Restroom When You Have Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is also called as Hearing Defect which is a problem to hear that can occur in one or both ears. The hearing problems can affect the ability to learn spoken the language in children and it can cause work-related difficulties in adults. The Hearing loss can be temporary or permanent.
If you have hearing loss then you will face many problems in public places. If you go to the airport bathrooms then you can see there are self-flushing toilets, new high-speed Hand dryers running perpetually, and Xlerator which all work at 85 decibels or more. Both are high pitched hearing and volumes are excruciating. The hearing aids automatically attenuate when the volume is high. This noise level is very harmful to everyone. The hearing aid devices amplify every powerful flush and hand dryer blast due to their high-pitched sound.

 How to survive:-

· Therefore, you try to get in and out of a public restroom as quickly as possible and if you haven’t yet found a way to wash your hands and plug your ears at the same time, so you may just turn off your hearing aids after entering in the public restroom.
· Another way is, you should carry a small spray bottle with alcohol in your purse so you won’t have to use the sink and your hearing aid machine will not affect by the noise of hand dryer.
· When you are in a restaurant you need to take the hearing aids out because the dish clanging and loud chatter are so overwhelming (sometimes even with them out!), so going into the bathroom issue is already addressed. You can found that if you place your hands well below the air dryer and not up close, the sound is not as loud.
· Another issue – if you knock on a bathroom door to make sure no one is inside you can’t hear a response even without the hearing aids. So, firstly you have to ask the question and after that, you may turn off your hearing aid machine.
Therefore, if you have hearing loss issue then you should follow these ways.

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