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Myths about Hearing Loss and Hearing Aid

Everyone has many doubts or myths about hearing loss and hearing aid.

There are some myths:-

Myth 1>  Hiding hearing disorder is better than wearing a hearing aid.
infographic on myths about hearing loss and aidsFact: It is a myth because hiding hearing loss is not better than wearing a hearing aid. If you hide your hearing loss and you don’t wear a hearing aid than your hearing loss is improved day by day and you can not hear any conversation or any kind of sound. You will feel embarrassed everywhere or you will have difficulties in your life.

Myth 2>  People with mild hearing loss don’t need a hearing aid.
Fact:  Hearing aid is important for different types of hearing loss. It helps to improve your hearing ability in any environment. Mild hearing loss is a starting phase of hearing loss. People with temporary hearing loss can not communicate properly with others and who will face problems in anything.

Myth 3>  Hearing aid looks awkward.
Fact:  No, it is not true because it is available in different styles of hearing aids which look like a fashionable device. Many hearing aids are invisible in size and very small in size. If you wear these hearing aids then others can not see clearly your tiny hearing device.

Myth 4>  Hearing aid produces high pitch sound.
Fact:  It produces desired level of sound which is suitable for you. This device provides a clear sound at the different level of sound frequencies. Its circuit works automatically. It means if you go to noisy environment from soft environment then your hearing aid is changed setting automatic according to your environment. So, it is useful in all environment.

Myth 5> Buying a hearing aid through online is the best process.
Fact: Now a day, we are facing many problems to buy anything through online. Many People are the victim of an online scam. If you buy a hearing aid by online then it may be a bad hearing aid.It does not work properly. Your money or your time both can be a waste. So, when you buy a hearing aid then you should buy from shop or hearing aid care center. They provide the best hearing aid which is suitable for you.

Monday, 31 July 2017

 Hearing Loss Rates Holding For Teens: Study

Now a day, Hearing loss is one of the major problems and it is increasing day by day especially in teen age groups. Hearing loss occurs due to many causes in young people like listening to loud music through headphone or speaker and not taking proper food on timely. People are always listening to music at high volume by using headphone.

Researchers tell: 

Hearing health specialists tell that the headphone produces sound directly on our ear drums of the ear canal and ear wax is produced in the ear canal. Due to this, we will face hearing loss disability. They give information about how to increase hearing loss rates in mainly teen age people and they have long expressed concern concerning the prevalence of hearing impairment among children WHO area unit usually exposed to the "recreational" noise, they get from transportable music devices.
The researchers give the data of hearing loss rates with help of hearing loss test for more than 7,000 teen age people between the ages of 12 and 19.
The percentage of the teenagers exposed to loud music through headphones raised from 1988 to 2010, the researchers aforesaid. whereas concerning 34 % of teens queried in 2005 aforesaid that they had been exposed to eruption or listened to loud music with headphones within the past twenty-four hours, that range rose to nearly 42 % by 2010. The hearing loss rates increased from 17 % to 23 % between 2007 to 2008 but it decreased to 15 % by 2010, this report is founded by researchers. 
To learn more about hearing aid technology and hearing aids then you may read the information on Hearing Solution website. This site can help inform a person’s decision about which hearing aids to choose. Remember, Hearing loss is the most important factor in choosing a hearing device. After a thorough hearing examination by an Audiologist, Professional will tell you about which best hearing aid device is beneficial for you. This site is helpful for us and provides many services related to hearing health.

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Monday, 24 July 2017

Hearing loss does not mean an end to music.

Sometimes music is feelings and everyone like to listen to music. Many people express own feelings through music. Music affects the brain and it is listened by our ear. But If our ears are damaged means that we have hearing loss disability then how to listen to music. When individuals square measure matched for audiometry and age, musicians appear to possess superior ability to tell apart speech in noise. Hearing loss people has difficulty to listen and talk in the noisy environment. So, hearing loss people have to go to the professionals of hearing aid care center for treatment of the hearing disorder. Their professional give the best treatment and they may give hearing aid for better hearing. A hearing aid helps to improve hearing ability in any environment and at a different level of frequencies. Hearing loss people can hear music properly and clearly by using the best hearing aid. They feel the music, listen to music, and as well as using it.  

Social benefits with hearing are:-

If you have better hearing then you can participate in a group activity like singing, gaming, dancing etc. “Those sorts of gains may well be conducive factors. This might be helpful to tease this stuff apart and do studies to see what's driving the gains in a speech in noise.”
Right currently we tend to simply grasp one thing smart happens within the brain. Although it will need folks to try and do it into adulthood, singing is Associate in Nursing intervention which will match terribly nicely into their way. There also are varied ways that to enhance your singing while a not change of integrity a choir and transfer Associate in the Nursing app for your smartphone. Sing in the shower and I feel those things square measure possible useful.”
You don’t feel hesitate or embarrass due to bad hearing because you are using a hearing aid for better hearing health.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Take a Check! Action on hearing loss| hearing test

Hearing loss is a hearing disorder which can occur due to many reasons. People can not hear anything in this problem. The human ears can not work properly because the hair cells of the ear canal or auditory cells are damaged in the hearing loss issues. People feel awkward at all time and he/she can become irritated or depressed due to hearing disease which can be temporary or permanent.

There are many reasons for hearing loss:-

 Due to the aging problem- above 40-50 years
 At time Birth complication
 Injury in the auditory system of the brain
 Due to noise pollution in the environment
 Loud music through headphone or speaker
 Due to heredity or genetics reasons
 Too much ear wax etc

People can take some actions for hearing loss:-

 Don’t listen to music through headphone for a long time
 Take a healthy diet or proper food
 Avoid fat or cholesterol food
 Clean ear wax time to time
 Quit smoking or bad habit
 Must do exercise on the regular basis
 Take a hearing test by the trained audiologist
 If you have hearing loss then use regularly a hearing aid.  

Whenever hearing loss will occur then people have to take the best action frequently or as per as possible. People should go to the trained professional of hearing aid care center or auditory center and take a check of hearing disability. The professional will check your hearing loss problem or hearing capacity with help of a hearing test in a proper way. A professional hearing loss test provides a report of the level of hearing or audiologist gives the best treatment for hearing loss or may be given hearing aids which will improve your hearing sensitivity at the different level of frequencies.  

Monday, 17 July 2017

Tips for enjoy the summer party with hearing loss

Today’s hearing aids are technological marvels, with sensitive microphones designed to between speech and background noises. It never hurts to be prepared and take extra safety precautions. Summer parties are a joy – wonderful friends’ delicious food and the great outdoors. Social gatherings can sometimes be difficult for people with the outdoor location makes it easier to hear since the conversation is not bouncing around the hard surfaces of a restaurant or other indoor space. 

There are some tips for summer parties with Hearing Loss:-

Find a good spot:
You should avoid places near speakers or other noisemakers like fans or A/C units. If conditions will change then find a different spot. Seating at usually casual, so moving about is perfectly fine.

Bring ear protection:
At outdoor parties especially on big weekends, you should use hearing protection and bring extra ear plugs to share with friends and family. If there are fireworks and noise as possible to protect your hearing loss disorder, you may want to remove your hearing aids watch from inside.

 Mix and mingle:
A conversation around a large formal dining table is a challenge, but Make the most of this opportunity to mix and mingle with different enjoy a series of one-to-one conversation throughout the day.

 Use technology: 
You have to practice in advance with different types of hearing aid settings to find best hearing devices for outdoor parties. For example, new technologies like personal FM systems or other communication devices.

Relax and have fun:
Bring reasonable expectations and your sense of humor with you. If one group is harder to hear then find another to join. Remember to enjoy the Laugh when hearing misfires occur – many can be quite funny if you let them.
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Monday, 3 July 2017

How common is hearing loss today?

Hearing loss is the common problem with the noise, aging, disease, and heredity. A Hearing loss is a natural consequence for the getting older. The Our hearing ability worsens from our 30 s or 40 s, THE one wards and when we are reached our 80 s, more than half of us suffer from the significant hearing loss. Age-related loss of hearing is the called Presbyopia. Hearing loss is exposure to the noise and it can be the seen as a consequence of living in a noisy world. This noise can become from our work or from voluntary exposure to noise, such as noisy motors or loud music to at rock concerts, nightclubs, discos and from the stereos – with or without the use of headphones. 

Actually, the prevalence of deafness is that the reverse of what the general public suppose. the bulk (65%) of individuals with deafness area unit younger than age sixty-five. There area unit quite six million individuals within the U.S. between the ages of eighteen and forty-four with deafness, and nearly one and million area unit college age. deafness affects all age teams.

Regarding two to three out of each one,000 kids within U.S. area unit born with a detectable level of hearing the loss in one or each ear. quite ninety percentage of deaf kids area unit born to hearing parents. about V-J Day of yank adults (37.5 million) aged eighteen and over report some trouble hearing.
Based on calculations performed by NIDCD medicine and Statistics Program staff: symptom prevalence was obtained from the 2008 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) the calcula,
causes of hearing loss
the ble range of Yankee adults coverage symptom was calculated by multiplying the prevalence of symptom by the 2013 U.S. Census population estimate for the quantity of adults (18+ years of age).

Common causes of hearing loss:-

The Each form of deafness might have many totally different causes.Exposure to clap may be a common reason for each deafness and symptom. Infections also are a typical cause, as square measure birth defects, biological science and reaction to medication, particularly therapy or medication used for cancer treatment.
 Excessive noise exposure
 Viral infections (such as measles or mumps)
 Ototoxic drugs (medications that damage hearing)
 High fever or elevated body temperature
 Meniere's disease (a disorder of the inner ear that can affect hearing and balance)
 Acoustic tumors
 Causes of conductive hearing loss are typical “obstructions” such as
 Infections of the ear canal or middle ear resulting in fluid or pus buildup
 Perforation or scarring of the eardrum
 Wax buildup
 Dislocation of the middle ear bones (ossicles)
 Foreign object in the ear canal
 Otosclerosis (an abnormal bone growth in the middle ear)
 Abnormal growths or tumors.

Differences according to style of Hearing Aids

The hearing aids are an electronics instrument which is used by hearing loss people. It cannot restore normal hearing. It amplifies the normal sound to proper hearing sound and helps to give better sound quality.
But today’s hearing aids are different in styles. Different people have different choice and they are worried about how it will look or whether it will really help. Many of them want smaller hearing aid which is not noticeable and those tiny devices look like fashionable or Bluetooth earphone. The styles of hearing aids are based on features, sizes, technology, prices etc.
style of hearing aids

The different styles of hearing aids are: -

· CIC(Completely in the Canal): -
   This is also called mini CIC. It is a very tiny device that is placed in the ear canal. CIC has not extra features like volume control or any manual controls because of smaller in size. It has smallest battery size which has not a long life but it can be tricky to remove and insert.
· Invisible in the Canal(IIC): -
    IIC is completely placed into the ear canal that is very small in size like invisible. It helps to improve a better quality of sound for hearing loss people but IIC has a small battery which has not a long life and extra manual controls like a volume control.   
· In The Canal(ITC): -
   ITC is one type of hearing aid. It is placed partly in the ear canal and outer ear and that is used by adult people for mild to moderate hearing loss. ITC is very comfortable and easy to use because it is slightly larger than IIC and CIC styles. It has some additional features like volume control, directional microphones, a better understanding of the noisy environment, and better battery life etc.

· Receiver in the Canal(RIC) or Receiver in the ear(RITC): -
  RIC is placed in the lower portion of the outer ear (half shell). Means that, the speaker is placed behind the ear or receiver is fixed in the ear and it has better battery life and extra manual control like a volume control. It is easy to handle or manipulate. It is converted the low-frequency sound to high-frequency sound.
· Behind the Canal(BTC): -
It is a sensitive electrical component and based on the digital signal. The BTE hearing device is placed behind the ear and top of the outer ear. It is very larger than others size but it has more features like sound quality, better battery life, and extra manual controls etc. The receiver is connected to the speaker through a thin wire which is called ear-mold. It looks like a Bluetooth headphone and also it is mostly used by children. If anyone wears eyeglasses then who will have the problem in wearing the BTE hearing device because the handle of eye glasses or BTE devices both are placed behind the ear.

If you are having the problem to select one right hearing device then you have to go to the professional of hearing aid care center. They will help to select one right hearing device for you.

Myths about Hearing Loss and Hearing Aid

Everyone has many doubts or   myths about hearing loss and hearing aid . There are some myths:- Myth 1 >  Hiding hearing disorder...